The treatment for hair removal via electrolysis has been explained to me by my skin care professional. Electrolysis is a way of removing individual hairs from the face or body. An epilator device will be used to destroy the growth center of the hair with a short-wave radio frequency. A very fine probe is inserted into the hair follicle at the surface of the skin. The hair is then removed harmlessly with forceps. 

Electrolysis usually does not cause any discomfort, you may experience some tingling. A topical anesthetic may be used in some cases. 

Hair growth is the result of heredity and hormonal levels. Also, some drugs, temporary methods of hair removal, and some illnesses can stimulate hair growth.  Since many factors influence hair growth, you will need to return for several visits. The total number of sessions needed to remove hair permanently from a particular area will vary from person to person. Most clients return once a week or every other week, as necessary. But the unwanted hair will be gone forever once the series of treatments have been completed. Each treatment lasts between 15 minutes and one hour.